A young, yet masterful tabla player, Surdarshan started learning music at the tender age of 5. He began Jori-Pakhawaj and tabla from the Grandmaster of the Punjab Gharana, Ajit Singh Matlashi, and then went on to learn from Ustad Gurmeet Singh Virdee. After receiving a solid foundation of the Punjab style, Surdarshan went on to learn from Ustad Sukhvinder Singh Pinky for 14 years.


Surdarshan Singh also lovingly known as “sunny” is one of the most sincere, loving,encouraging and inspirational teachers you will come across. I feel very privileged and proud to call him my ustaad/teacher. His passion for tabla and jori shine through when he teaches and plays. Through his dynamic way of playing expressing such emotion creating moods of spiritual ora he implement many ways of teaching to all types of student beginner/professional helping them to develop their own style and bringing the best out of their ability.
  • Jasdev Singh

"Not only is Surdarshan Singh Ji an amazing performer, he is also a very caring and involved teacher. I have been fortunate enough to sit down with him in the UK several times and I can honestly say that I've learned much more than just Tabla. Through his highly effective methods of teaching, Surdarshan Ji is able to show his students different angles and avenues of playing, and encourages everyone to develop his or her own style of performance. He genuinely wants each one of his students to excel and keep moving forward, and treats them like his own brothers and sisters, which makes him different than many other teachers. He is an inspiration for many young Tabla and Pakhawaj players out there. "
  • Jashon Singh Bhamra

Banaras Tabla, Punjab Style Of Tabla

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