Learning Indian Classical Music alongside mainstream education is a unique experience that will enable your child to be spiritually, practically and emotionally confident as well as academically successful – to engage fully with the world and to see challenges as opportunities. My aim is to help each individual find the way that will work best for them through our idea of practising our music and apply that method to all aspects of life to achieve success. From my experience of teaching, students acquire all the areas of knowledge of conventional education (maths, science, literacy, and other subjects on the National Curriculum).  But they also gain something further by including Indian Classical Music: a profundity of learning, a pleasure in developing knowledge and an enhanced capacity for curiosity, compassion and creativity.

At school concerts, the musical performance of students I teach will speak for itself, but it is achieved by determined and motivated students alike, supported by dedicated members of staff who have their interests at the centre of enhancing education. I consider each student on their own individual merit and welcome a variety of nationalities, cultures and religions to engage in learning this art. It is my firm belief that only through the continuous attention to a student’s musical education and welfare are we able to develop their true potential. This enables students to lay down very strong foundations to equip them to take advantage of the many opportunities that will present themselves in the years ahead.
  • My Mission and Aim in Schools

Through stimulating musical study and the encouragement of creativity and independent thought, I aim to provide an excellent and distinctive musical education in all assorted fields of musical practice and research for students. This will enable each individual to find fulfilment during their academic achievements, to feel valued, to be sensitive and tolerant towards others, to develop talents, to grow in integrity and responsibility, and ultimately to face the challenge of adult life with justifiable self confidence.
  • Requirements:

Each class is 1 hour long and can contain up to 16 students. The only requirement is that the school has at least one tabla set between 2 students. No prior knowledge is required and there are no age restrictions.

Music becomes the highest form of meditation. It shapes the great cultures of the world and becomes the focal point in faiths. As students progress in my classes, this becomes more and more apparent.

"My definition of Meditation is: whenever your body, mind & soul are functioning together in rhythm, it is meditation." (OSHO
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Banaras Tabla, Punjab Style Of Tabla

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